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Cherie Deville, Serena Blair House Rules


House Rules – Cherie De Ville has hired Serena Blair to babysit while she goes out for a couple of hours. When she shows Serena to her room, she tells that her she has one rule that she absolutely needs to adhere to: no visitors are allowed on the property. Serena agrees and Cherie excuses herself and leaves. Serena picks up her phone and calls her girlfriend. When Serena tells her girlfriend that she can’t come to the house, her girlfriend insists, saying that she’ll make sure they don’t get caught. Meanwhile in the car, Cherie realizes she forgot her purse in the house. When she walks back upstairs, she overhears Serena’s conversation as she sneaks into the room. Serena has no idea Cherie is standing right behind her and has just invited her girlfriend to the house. Cherie clears her throat, making her presence known and Serena quickly hangs up the phone. When Cherie asks if Serena was inviting a boy over, Serena tells her that would be impossible. When Cherie realizes that she was talking to a girl, she accuses her of wanting to bring a girl over to the house to have sex with. Serena tries to deny it but Cherie picks up Serena’s phone and reads all the texts. Cherie tells her that the only person that is allowed to have sex in her house is her. Cherie tells Serena that she’s actually hotter than the date she was supposed to meet; perhaps she could just stay home and fuck her instead? Serena feels awkward at first but was excited by the idea of fucking her girlfriend that night and is still very horny. When Cherie throws her on the bed, Serena eventually gives in and provides Cherie with what they both want!

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