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Georgia Jones, Milana May Public Indecency


Public Indecency – Officer Jones (Georgia Jones) is on her lunch break. When she gets a call regarding indecent exposure, she yells at dispatch telling them that she’s on break. Can’t they just give this one to the rookie?! Dispatch informs her that she’s the closest available officer and that the rookie is busy with another call. She shakes her head, tells them she’s on it and asks that the coordinates be sent to her. She puts her foot on the gas and drives there as fast as she can. Maybe she can get this done quickly and have some time left to eat. When she arrives at the house, her suspect starts to flee. She chases Milana May until she corners her. Officer Jones tells her that now she’s not only going to have to book her for indecent exposure but breaking and entering as well. She made Officer Jones chase her into someone else’s house! Milana pleads with her saying that if her parents catch her playing with herself she’s going to get kicked out of the house. Officer Jones sympathizes with her as she’s had strict parents as well but reminds her that she can’t just masturbate wherever she wants. It’s against the law for god’s sake! Officer Jones suggests that perhaps she get a boyfriend like normal people but Milana nods her head saying that she can’t. When Officer Jones presses her, Milana admits that she actually doesn’t like men. When she notices that Officer Jones is intrigued she asks her if she’s also a lesbian. When the cop responds, Milana decides to capitalize on this by offering her an ultimatum: she’s willing to quell her bad behavior and do anything to get out of this. Officer Jones can’t resist an offer so sweet!
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