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Ivy Wolfe, Kira Noir The Toll Of Control


Kira Noir and Ivy Wolfe are chilling in their bedroom. When Ivy notices that one of Kira’s employees is getting married, she asks her if they’re invited to the wedding. Kira responds that she wasn’t invited because they’re not friends. She adds that this is the way she likes it since she’s the boss and wants to keep things professional. Ivy laughs at how stern Kira is being, adding that the wedding would be so much fun. Kira tells her that she can’t be friends with her employees if she wants to maintain their respect. It’s unfortunate but if they got closer, they would walk all over her. When Ivy asks if she actually enjoys this type of dynamic, Kira confesses to actually hating it. Ivy wonders if her partner is just a control freak. When she tells her that she has an idea to get her mind of off things, she leans in to kiss her but also pushes her forcefully on the bed. If Kira is tired of playing the boss at work then maybe she’ll enjoy some time being submissive in the bedroom. When Kira confesses to actually liking it, Ivy pushes her down on the bed and kisses her neck. Ivy commands her to take off her shirt and she does what she’s told. When she reaches out to touch Ivy’s breasts, Ivy pushes her hands back done on the bed. Kira might be the boss at work but today she’s going to learn how to let go and Ivy will do everything in her power to show her how.

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Actors: Ivy Wolfe / Kira Noir