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Kendra Lust, Kristen Scott Mommy Wants A Kiss


Kristen Scott is hanging out with her friend Lena Paul as they chill out on her bed. When her step-mom, Kendra Lust, walks into the room, she tells her she’ll be stepping out for a while. Before she leaves, she kisses Kristen on the mouth practically making out with her in the process. Lena is sitting on the bed and watching this. She is really weirded out by it all. She asks Kristen if her step-mom always kisses her like that because usually people tend to not make out with their step-parents. Kristen thinks nothing of it and she tells Lena that it was just a peck. Lena is pretty sure she saw some tongue there and assures her that what Kendra did is anything but normal. Lena tells her that she has a meeting to get to and hugs Kristen goodbye. A little while later, Kristen is about to go to bed when Kendra walks in saying that she should probably tuck her in. She moves in for a kiss and shoves her tongue deep in Kristen’s mouth. Kristen returns the favor as step-mom and daughter make out passionately. Right or wrong, the girls have something special and don’t care what anyone thinks. When Kristen asks her if what they’re doing is wrong, Kendra points out the fact that it feels so fucking good and if it feels so good then it can’t possibly be wrong. That’s all Kristen needed to hear as the girls tear each other’s clothes off and spend the afternoon fucking and eating each other’s pussies.

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