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Lexi Belle, Emily Addison Dust Bunnies


Emily Addison doesn’t have a care in the world. Armed with a dildo, she lies on the couch and plays with her pussy. When the doorbell rings, she does everything in her power to get dressed as quickly as she can, hiding the dildo behind a pillow in the process. She tells Lexi Belle to hold on as she gets dressed. She invites Lexi in who’s here to do her weekly cleaning. Emily instructs her to start in the living room and make her way to the bedroom when she’s finished. Lexi agrees and gets started as Emily goes upstairs. When Emily comes back downstairs and checks the living room to see how well it’s been cleaned, she finds it in a state of disarray. She finds the dildo exactly where she put it and decides maybe she could have some fun with Lexi. She yells at her to come downstairs and asks her why she’s been masturbating on her watch. Lexi is stunned and has no idea what Emily is talking about adding that she would never do such a thing. Emily says it’s her word against hers and that she’s going to report her if she doesn’t do a better job. Lexi asks her what she would like her to do, Emily says she would lie for her to clean her living room with her panties. Lexi finds the request bizarre but really needs this job and does what she’s told. When Emily points out that the area underneath the couch needs some attention as Lexi gets on her knees and starts dusting away. As Emily watches her, she takes the dildo and puts it right on Lexi’s ass. Lexi stars moaning asking what she’s doing but Emily ignores her telling her to come up and join her on the couch. When she puts the dildo on her pussy she simply can’t resist and after all, she needs this job and will do anything to keep it!

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