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Zoey Monroe, Christy Love The Squirting Stranger


The Squirting Stranger – Christy Love is stranded. Her car has died on her and she’s walking to the closest house hoping that there’s someone inside that can help her. When Christy knocks on the door, Zoey Monroe is in her living room reading a book. When she hears the knock, she wonders who it could be. Zoey answers the door to find Christy explaining that she’s stranded and wonders if she would be so kind as to let her use her phone. Zoey invites her in, tells her she’ll go get her phone for her and she’ll just be a minute checking her out in the process. Before Zoey has a chance to fetch her phone Christy asks her if she minds getting her a glass of water. Zoey agrees and tells her she’ll be right back. As Christy waits in the living room, she starts getting bored, pulls up her skirt and starts playing with her pussy. Hoping to rub one out before Zoey gets back, she ends up squirting all over Zoey’s living room floor. Zoey walks in right on time as Christy is hosing her pussy juices all over the place. Zoey asks her what she thinks she’s doing. Christy lies innocently saying that she just wanted a glass of water as she pulls her skirt back down. Zoey doesn’t seem to mind that her living room floor is covered with Christy’s pussy juices, in fact, it seems like it’s turning her on. When Zoey tells Christy that she’s also a squirter, the girls decide to have some fun together by squirting all over each other!

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